Government web portal

At the end of the explosion of dot-com business in the 1990s, many governments are committed to create a portal site as an information service for their citizens. In the United States, its main portal is, in England the main portal of information services for citizens is to directgov and business information services. Several international studies are conducted to measure transactional capabilities these portals, the most striking is the research conducted by Accenture.

Many American states have their portals that each provide direct access to eCommerce applications (eg, Hawaii Business Express and myIndianaLicense), web-site offices and departments, and more specific information about their homes, businesses, and places an interesting visit.

Most states mentioned above commissioned a firm to manage their portals. One of the most successful companies today are managing NICUSA state portals 18. NICUSA focuses on self-funding model and does not charge fees to the state for management, but more sustained than the payment applications are sold by the company.

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