Website History

Website is the inventor Sir Timothy John ¨ ¨ Tim Berners-Lee, while the website is connected to the network, first appeared in 1991. The purpose of the team when creating the website is to facilitate the exchange and update information with fellow researchers at the place he works. On April 30, 1993, CERN (the place where team work) informed that the WWW can be used freely by everyone.

A website could be the work of the individual or individuals, or to show ownership of an organization, company, and usually a few websites that address the specific topics, or particular interests. A website can contain hyperling linking to another website, so, sometimes the difference between websites created by individuals with personal websites created by a business organization may not be noticeable.

Website written, or dynamically converted to HTML and accessed through a software program called a web browser, also known as an HTTP Client. Web pages can be viewed or accessed via computer networks and the Internet, the device might be, Personal Computer, Laptop Computer, PDA or Cellphone.

A website created in a computer system known as Web Server, also called an HTTP server, and this sense can also refer to software used to run this system, which then receives and sends the pages required to respond to requests from users. Apache is the software used in a webserver, and then after that is the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

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