Caterpillars or Ulat Bulu ^_^ or Alien???

KisekiLili‎ RT @MarissaAnita: Meow *claws out!* RT @MissPinta: Really Marzuki Ali? Caterpillars are God's warning? Really? What I
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fairuzalaily‎ Dear caterpillar, u know where to go first when u arrive at Jakarta, rite? Yes, it's Marzuki's house. Good luck.

vortexqueen‎ “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~Richard Bach

anggaelfuego‎ are you really sure about those caterpillars? have you ever talked to them? I mean they can be aliens...

synrin‎ I luv fluffy animals, except caterpillars. Hiiiiiy! *merinding*

CerulloDamanik‎ Makanya mandi mawww hahaha RT @maurinefprasia: We've been invaded by caterpillars. They're the real alien!

iLoveYouDHaCaterpillar Attack.. dulu jg pernah tuh abis musim doc mart biz itu caterpillar :p

PUTTLICIOUS2‎ RT @erinastasha: Caterpillar is like almost all over indonesia man. GOD.

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